DTC Eligibility & DWAC FAST

West Coast Stock Transfer works directly with Depository Trust Company (DTC), the largest securities depository in the world, whose participants provide our firm full access regarding any and all DTC related services. When a company’s securities are deposited into DTC, it will be easier for brokers to clear and process transactions, often providing issuers with increased liquidity, savings on broker and clearing fees, and an overall improved market visibility.

The key to timely and efficient DTC eligibility approval is to submit all the required documents. Our proven track record of experience and attention to detail ensures our clients enjoy a positive experience. West Coast Stock Transfer will connect the issuer with one of our many partner Broker/Dealers who will work with us on processing your DTC eligibility application in a timely manner.

FAST Program: DWAC and DRS

West Coast Stock Transfer is a participant in the Fast Automated Securities Transfer Program (FAST).  Once an issuer has obtained DTC eligibility they can request West Coast Stock Transfer to submit to DTC for electronic FAST eligibility. These programs allow shareholders to hold securities as the registered owner, electronically in book form at the transfer agent rather than holding a physical certificate. DTC participants can request shares from the issuer’s transfer agent directly and stock can be deposited into the shareholder’s brokerage account. This process reduces time on stock deposits into brokerage account, eliminates additional brokerage fees associated with processing physical certificates, saves on courier expenses and eliminates lost certificates along with the fees and process associated with replacing them.

DWAC: Deposit and Withdrawal at Custodian

DWAC is one of the two ways of transferring between Broker/Dealers and the DTCC. This enables investors to hold securities in registered, book-entry form of the West Coast Stock Transfer, rather than in physical form.

DRS: Direct Registration System

DRS is a system that allows securities to be held in book-entry form without having a physical certificate issued as evidence of ownership. The shares are instead, registered electronically in West Coast Stock Transfer’s record keeping system.

Holders of securities in DRS (book-entry form) have the same rights and privileges as holders of securities in physical certificate form.
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DTC, DRS and FAST Access Application Process

To become a DTC FAST/DRS eligible, the issuer must be approved and accepted by DTC. DTC is strictly regulated by the SEC, US Treasury and Federal Reserve, because of this, it must comply with multiple regulations in approving issuers. With this obligation, DTC has the right to withhold any explanation of why an issuer is rejected. West Coast Stock Transfer can assist your company in obtaining approval for the DTC DRS System and FAST/DWAC Services.