Form ID FAQs and Tips

Do I need to mail the original Form ID anywhere?


Are there any exceptions to the notary requirement on the Form ID?


Form ID – Tips

Part I

Name of Applicant: The first line is for the name of the company or individual if this is a non-company application. Ensure that the full legal name is provide. For companies, this name should match exactly with how the company was registered in your state – every letter, number, character or punctuation is important. The second line if for the officer name whose signature appears at the bottom of the form.

Section 16 Forms

Forms 3, 4, 5

Who is required to file these forms? The three categories of statutory insider subject to Section 16 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 are principal stockholder, officer and director. The principal stockholder category includes shareholder whose ownership exceeds 10 percent ownership of the reporting company.

Form 3 is the initial report to be filed by a Section 16 reporting person. It must be filed either (1) within 10 days after a director or officer assumes his or her position or (2) no later than the effective date of the registration statement for an IPO company registering stock for the first time under Section 12 of the Exchange Act. Form 3 must also be filed within ten days after a person’s holdings exceed 10% of any class of the company’s registered equity securities.

Form 4 is used for the reporting of changes in stock ownership and required to be filed before the end of the second business day after the day on which the relevant transaction took place.

Form 5 used to be filed by every person subject to Section 16(a) to report any securities transactions that had not yet been reported on Form 4 either because the rules permit deferred reporting or because the reporting person failed to file a required report.