Stock Transfer Instructions

Stock transfers are commonplace and occur daily alongside typical buy and sell orders from Broker/Dealers. Transfer agents are instructed by Broker/Dealers through Stock Power instructions. Sometimes stocks are gifted or inherited, or a person’s name may change. Certificates and ownership records are maintain by the transfer agent. See our Stock Transfer Form to submit a transfer request.


  • The signature of party requesting a transfer must possess a guaranteeing medallion signature. If signer of request is other than owner, you MUST indicate the capacity in which you’re signing.
  • For decedent transfers, an Inheritance Tax Waiver must be provided if required by the decedent’s state of residence.

How to fill out the stock transfer form

Section 1 (To be completed by the “Transferor”)

Transferor Information: Include the current owner’s name (exactly as listed on the stock certificate), address Tax Identification Number, email and phone number and the certificate information.

Issuer/ Issue Information: Provide issuer name, description of securities (i.e. Common shares, preferred shares, etc), CUSIP number, the total shares presented with the transfer request, the total shares to be transferred and the balance to remain in the transferor’s name and designate by checking the box whether you want the new shares to be issued in certificate or book-entry form.

Certificate and Tax Lot/Cost Basis Information: This section is used is used to report cost basis information to West Coast Stock Transfer pursuant to the IRS cost basis reporting regulations. Note: Disregard this section if securities were purchased prior to January 1st 2011. Within the “Certificate(s)” Section, include the certificate number and the total number of shares on the certificate. To the right of this section you will find the “Tax Lot and Cost Basis” section. Be sure to fill out the amount of shares, the date they were acquired on and the total amount paid for the shares. If multiple acquisitions were made on various dates, please fill out this section accordingly.

Section 2 (To be completed by the “Transferor”)

Recipient Information: Check the appropriate box to designate what type of entity the new shareholder is. Fill out the recipient/new shareholders name, address, Tax ID/ Social Security number and phone number.

Certificate Issuance: Designate the total number of shares to be transferred to the new shareholder and any special instructions you wish to be included. Do not forget to check the appropriate box designating whether or not the transfer qualifies as a wash sale.

Transfer Reason: Check the appropriate box on the left side of the form along with the corresponding date and dollar value per share including the decimal point in this format $0.00


  • If no Transfer Reason is provided the current IRS’ guidance requires WCST to treat the transfer as Gift. In this case, the Date of Gift will be the date the transfer was processed and the FMV on the Date of Gift will be calculated by lot and recorded on the existing lot history for the Recipient.

Section 3 (To be completed by the “New Shareholder”)

This section is NOT required to be completed and submitted in order for the transfer request to be acted upon by WCST. However, if submitted, the RECIPIENT must complete and sign this section. In the absence of this section being submitted along with your transfer request, the RECIPIENT should provide this information in a timely fashion. Without certification the RECIPIENT will not have online access to view their holdings. If this certification is not completed and there is any type of cash distribution (e.g., cash dividend) made to this RECIPIENT, US Back‐up Withholding at the applicable rate will be applied to that distribution. All shareholders are urged to complete the tax certification.

If a w-9 is not included with the Stock Transfer Form, the Substitute W-9 Form in this section should be completed in-full including the new shareholders name or business name, address the appropriate box checked designating the entity type, Tax ID number and a valid signature including the date.

Section 4 (To be completed by the “Transferor”)

Once all of the prior steps have been accomplished, The Transferor(s) must go to a guarantor institution to obtain a Medallion Signature Guarantee. For more detailed information on Medallion Signature Guarantee’s please visit the page: Medallion Signature Guarantees.

Sign your name(s) in the signature section in the presence of the official who is designated to guarantee signature(s).

Section 5 (To be completed by the “Transferor”)

This is an extension of Section 1’s Certificate and Tax Lot/ Cost Basis Information Section. Only fill out this section if applicable.

Preparing the transfer request package for mailing to: West Coast Stock Transfer

  1. Include certificate(s), if any. Do not endorse or sign the certificates.
  2. Provide completed Stock Transfer Form
  3. Provide Inheritance Tax Waiver (if required… varies on a state by state by basis)
  4. Provide IRS Form W-9 – Tax ID number and Certification – signed by new owner if Section 3 of the Stock Transfer Form is not completed
  5. Include supporting legal documentation, if necessary.
  6. Mail the package to: West Coast Stock Transfer 721 N. Vulcan Ave., Suite 205, Encinitas, CA 92024

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